Central Purrk in Richmond Virginia

Central Purrk in Richmond

A little about our startup: Cat cafes are a popular concept, but they're very difficult to pull off on a large scale due to zoning and health department regulations. After years of research and planning, we've decided to take a different approach and build two businesses that complement each other but are completely separate entities with separate addresses, each serving two separate purposes. 

Central Purrk will be a coffee shop serving delicious beverages and snacks (and plans to broadcast live Zoomie's videos sure to entertain). There will not be any live cats on the premises, and Central Purrk will be open to the public as a regular coffee shop.

Central Purrk has partnered with Zoomies, a retail establishment with resident cats being fostered for Richardsons Rescue. Zoomies will be a retail gift shop open to the public, without cat interaction, but will also have a cat lounge where you can pay admission to enjoy cuddle/play time with the cats. Zoomies is starting small and will only have 5 adult cats and possibly a few kittens, but this environment is promised to be relaxing and enjoyable. Patrons of Zoomies may order beverages from Central Purrk and have them delivered for their enjoyment in the company of cool cats and their community.

More to come!